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Sharing the love offlying

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fly2help is a charity dedicated to changing lives using the power and wonder of flight.

Please call 07562 014295 for more information about how we can help.

Air Smiles Day update

It was a real pleasure meeting Lynn, Paul, Lottie and Ben today on our first Air Smiles Day since lockdown. 

The family wanted to share a special experience together and we were able to provide a magical day for them.

"As far as creating some wonderful memories, mission accomplished.

Our children didn't stop talking about the experience all the way home".

Please get in touch if you know a family going through a challenging time and would benefit from the tremendous boost our Air Smiles experiences can give. 

Aim High 

We peeked behind the doors of aviation companies who were fixing planes, training pilots and controlling air traffic. Aviation is a great industry to work in.
Clare, 15

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Air Smiles

Since our son's diagnosis, we've been living in the uncertain world of cancer. Our day flying took us out of that world and was truly memorable.
It was breathtaking to go up in the sky, look down on our home and see the world from a bird's eye view.
Peter, father of George.

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